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2019 Annual Report

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Welcome to ACT's 2019 Annual Report. Due to the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in due to COVID-19, we are releasing this report in electronic form only.

Please scroll down to review the outcomes we achieved in each of our programs for 2019.

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P.S. On May 1, 2020, AIDS Connecticut affiliated with Connecticut Association for Human Services. Read the exciting news here.

Care Services

ACT provides medical case management, housing support, post-incarceration transitional case management (Project TLC), and transportation services for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Hartford area.

Medical Case Management 0
Housing Services 0
Project TLC 0
Medical Transportation 0

Financial Assistance

ACT assists families and individuals with obtaining and maintaining housing through the Housing Assistance Fund and the Emergency Housing Fund; and meeting emergency expenses through the Client Assistance Fund.

Emergency Clients 0
Emergency Services 0
Health Insurance Clients 0
Health Insurance Services 0

Wellness Center

Connections is a drop-in center, located in Hartford, that provides a safe, supportive gathering place for individuals living with HIV. Services include meals, support groups, counseling, and social activities.

Meals Served 0
Received Food Services 0
Nutrition Therapy 0
Psychosocial Support 0


ACT provides HIV counseling & testing, outreach, and linkage to care for at-risk individuals. The Community Distribution Center (CDC) disseminates health education and prophylactic materials throughout the state.

HIV Tests 0
HCV Tests 0
Referrals 0
CDC Orders Processed 0

CT Center for Harm Reduction

In 2019, ACT's Syringe Services Program had 16,429 total client contacts in our Hartford and Middletown service areas. In November, we began providing syringe services in New Britain every Monday & Thursday.

Syringes In 0
Syringes Out 0
OD Kits 0
Referrals 0


ACT provides valuable training opportunities through our Case Management Training Institute (CMTI). Members receive technical assistance in conjunction with our annual Quality Assurance Review Process (QARP).

ACT Members 0
TA Hours Provided 0
Training Participants 0
Training Sessions 0


ACT advocates on behalf of people living with and at high risk for HIV/AIDS on policy-related issues including prevention & education, syringe services & overdose prevention, supportive services, health care, and housing.

Legislator Contacts 0
AIDS Awareness Day Participants 0
Meetings Co-Chaired 0
Group Memberships 0


We sincerely thank all of our corporate and community sponsors, in-kind donors, event attendees, volunteers, and everyone else who gave from their hearts to support ACT. View a complete list of our 2019 donors.

Red Carpet Experience $ 0
Art for AIDS $ 0
AIDS Walk $ 0
WE CAN Cook $ 0

Additional Programs

In 2019, ACT collaborated with the City of Hartford on the Systems Integration Project (SIP), which seeks to improve health outcomes for persons living with HIV by enhancing the ability of providers to coordinate client information sharing and services across multiple funding programs.

ACT also began offering Fiscal Sponsor Services for projects that may not have federal tax-exempt status. We can provide administrative services and oversight to the activities of groups or individuals engaged in work that relates to our mission.

Statement of Activities

Grants 6,326,386
Contributions 205,575
Interest 7,827
Net realized and unrealized gains on investments 109,832
Miscellaneous income 4,670
Total Support and Revenue $6,654,290
Prevention 594,565
HIV treatment and care 2,893,603
Financial assistance and training 2,346,146
Management and general 597,953
Fundraising 20,007
Total Expenses $6,452,274
Change in net assets 202,016
Net assets, beginning of year 1,242,923
Net assets, end of year 1,444,939